Our Focuses

Below is a list of our focuses and under each is an affiliated group, organization, website and or business that will be assisting us in accomplishing the goals.


Phoenix Rising Resource Center – Education is a constant theme among our activities and is at the heart of all we have committed ourselves towards. It is our center’s primary mission is to empower people within our community to heal themselves and the world around them through healthy interaction with nature.


Silver Creek Farm – Our first goal at our farm is to provide the community with organic and wild foraged foods while following sustainable principles. Our second goal is to educate the people about how to create an organic sustainable food supply within our communities.

Bewitchin Kitchens – Our first goal is to educate the community about how to cook, bake and preserve fresh garden food through canning, dehydration, smoking and by the use of a root cellar. Our second goal is educate people about food management in order to prevent excessive food waste within our homes.


Phoenix Mageki – Our goal is to educate people about multiple healing art forms in order to empower their ability to heal themselves.

Phoenix Alchemy – Our goal is to provide people with educational information about how to use plants medicinally, nutritionally and spiritually to heal our bodies, minds and spirits.

Silver Circle of Healers – Our goal is to create a network of healers that can come together to assist other healers by offering to trade services.