Phoenix Rising Resource Center

Our Center is here to provide individuals and groups with sacred space in nature to host healing & educational retreats, seasonal celebrations and spiritual ceremonies.

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Phoenix Mageki

Description – Our goal is to educate people about multiple healing art forms in order to empower their ability to heal themselves.

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Phoenix Alchemy

Description – Our focus is on providing people with educational information about how to use plants medicinally, nutritionally and spiritually to heal the body, mind and spirit.

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Website – Soon to Come!

Phoenix Fire Studio

Description – It is our wish to provide people with items for healing and spiritual practices made from mostly eco-friendly re-purposed and re-claimed items.

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Phoenix Nest

Description – This is Kyla Phoenix Silverthorne’s personal blog where she burns her ways to the truth of various topics.

Website – A Phoenix Nest

Silver Creek Farm

Description – It is our goal to provide the community with organic and wild foraged foods while following sustainability principles.

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Website – Soon to Come!

Bewitchin Kitchens

Description – It is our goal to educate community members on how to cook, bake and preserve garden fresh food through canning, dehydration, smoking and by the use of a root cellar.

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